Technical / Creative Writing
Program Design


Applied Science

I can design and produce technical documents such as manuals and brochures.  Also I have published or presented narrative science, or photo essays on a variety of science topics

While providing science shows for any age or academic level of audience I also design entire programs for science camps or school curricula.  I have created the course material for more than twenty courses over the years, in numerous subject areas

I have a particular strength with hands on science and have designed and implemented science-orienteering programs, applied science projects like bridge engineering, LEED model homes, rocketry and alternative energy programs.

My skills as a writer have helped me produce curricula tailored to literacy and science

Basic science while important, dominates at the expense of applied sciences like Engineering.  I can bring alive the everyday applications of science in the engineering of the world around us and the hidden physics in our hobbies like SCUBA diving, sailing, flying, photography and other sports.