About me

A Polymath

I am originally from Windsor Ontario.  I attended the University of Windsor gaining a BSc. in Physics, and did further studies in Climatology and Mathematics.  At the culmination of these studies I spent a season in the high Canadian Arctic installing climate monitoring stations in various locations on Baffin Island, and participating in research in Resolute.   I then received my B.Ed. and have been a science and Physics teacher for twenty-three years.

I also spent eight seasons with Historic Parks Canada in re-enactment of 19th Century military life at Fort Malden in Amherstburg. I travelled extensively in this capacity to all the battle sites in Ontario and Quebec, Ohio and Michigan, as well as New Orleans.  I was selected as an exchange ranger with Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial in Ohio.

My musical training includes grade ten classical piano, flute and guitar.  i also build various acoustic and musical devices for educational and entertainment purposes.  Other hobbies include Amateur Rocketry, SCUBA diving, cycling, rock climbing,long distance hiking, photography, and really large Tesla coils.

Finding the correct term to describe myself is difficult.  "Jack of all trades" is a very tired expression.  Unfortunately polymath sounds somewhat pretentious, but its the best the language offers me.  I am very proud of my ability to be somewhat of a cross over expert.  I have worked in the heavy construction industry, music, education, and research.  There are few areas where I don't feel comfortable.   It is the breadth of my talent more than depth that makes me unique.  I can find connections between any two subjects imaginable and how science underlies them both.